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Good stories change the world

What is yours ?

Born in Medellín, but dedicated to working around the world, we are an audiovisual production company that seeks to be your best ally to tell your story through the lens, providing audiovisual production services, rental and sale of equipment.


We know that each project is a universe that comes loaded with different challenges, that is why we are your accomplices to develop it; With our experience and teamwork, we make every detail add up to achieve a memorable result.


We seek that our projects have an impact, strengthening the national industry and contributing to international recognition.

Anything else...

We offer you a personalized service, so that the result is faithful to what was planned; We develop unique ideas that generate impact and we have the best equipment to guarantee the cinematographic quality of the big screen.


Gobierno de Colombia - SENA 

Ganadores Fondo Emprender Economía Naranja 2019 

Medellín Creativa

Ganadores en convocatoria de la Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico de Medellin, para la participación del programa Medellin Creativa 

Temporada de cortos 2018

Universidad de Medellín

El Tesoro de Ana

Premio a Posproducción de cortometraje.

(Productora: Natalia Tamayo Restrepo)

Ministerio de Cultura 2018



Primer Puesto en Reconocimiento a distintas maneras de narrar el patrimonio colombiano. (Distribuidora)

Antioquia para verte mejor 2017

Comfenalco - Antioquia

El Polizón

Mención de honor para el cortometraje (Productora: Natalia Tamayo Restrepo)